Protect Sandbanks

Object to a six storey mass development which will have a devastating impact on an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Why is Sandbanks Under Threat?

Lots of families from all over the country and abroad enjoy Sandbanks and the surrounding area.

Many rightly have concerns about the demolition of the historic Haven Hotel and its replacement - as currently proposed - with a six storey, faceless, mass development.

We believe it will have a devastating impact on an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Jurassic Coast and the iconic entrance to Poole Harbour.

Key Objections

1. Oppressive Scale

The design, mass and height of the proposed development at Haven Hotel is overly dominant, oppressive, insensitive and completely out of scale - it will significantly harm the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

Very few buildings on the Sandbanks peninsular are higher than four storeys and none more than five. Six will create a dangerous precedent and there is nothing in Sandbanks remotely close in scale and bulk to 119 apartments.

2. Loss of hotel

The planning application would see the demolition of the historic Haven Hotel, which has been welcoming guests to Sandbanks for over 180 years.

As well as the the hotel there will the loss of public access to the hotel’s restaurant,  recreational and spa facilities – plus the loss of local jobs and revenue for local businesses.

3. Loss of Character

The loss of views, gaps, spacing and trees will affect the natural wooded character and beach line of Sandbanks, as well as that of the Jurassic coast, the iconic entrance to Poole harbour and a wider area of outstanding natural beauty.

4. Opportunity missed

Should the site be developed it would be a once-on-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance it with a building local people can be proud of.

The site deserves an exemplary piece of architecture befitting its prominent location at the entrance to Poole harbour, not the proposed blocks of characterless, monolithic and out of scale flats.

5. Enabling Application

The proposal for the demolition of the Haven Hotel should be considered as a stand-alone application and not linked to the replacement of the Sandbanks and Harbour Heights hotels.

Can the ‘enabling’ claim be credible when originally 20 storeys were deemed essential, then ten and now six? Would the other two hotels ever be built?

Detailed Report

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What Can I Do?

The most important thing you can do currently is register your objections with Poole Council.

Anyone can object - not just residents!

You can also register with us for campaign updates, or like our Facebook page and share it with your family & friends.

Nearly 3,000 people lodged public objections with Poole Council relating to the original application. Now the amendment has been lodged it is round two!

Register your objection by:

30 AUGUST 2018

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